Technical Services

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The first step to creating an efficient and productive network is to inventory and document the current state. This is done with a Network Assessment. From this, we can create a Network Design that will fit your environment as well as your budget. In many cases we will be able to use most of your existing hardware and software to create an ideal state that will benefit your employees and your business.
With a wide variety of resources, and a wealth of experience, we are able to provide a level of support that you may not be used to. While we can't prevent problems in all cases (we're still working on that one), we can at least be sure to get you back up and running in the least possible amount of time.> Read more


Desktop maintenance is one of the most critical, and overlooked service for computers. Computers are not appliances that can be used repeatedly and replaced when they break down. Most desktop computers contain a variety of custom settings, and many cases also contain important and sensitive data. Similar to a 30,000 mile tune up on your automobile, a computer tune-up should be performed at regular intervals.> Read more


Alternative Aspect employs the highest quality technicians, and has the highest standards to meet or exceed your expectations. We have been in the industry long enough to realize that experience is priceless. Our in-depth experience with the following systems does not limit us, but offers an example of what our past has held, and provides a springboard for what our future will hold.> Read more


A variety of free and useful resources, tools, and programs. Check it out!> Read more