Online Services

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Web Hosting

Our web hosting is a one-stop shop for all of the web services you will require.

  • We design your site from scratch.
  • We register, renew, and maintain your domain name.
  • We maintain, update and host all of your DNS records on our redundant servers.
  • We maintain, update and host your SSL Certificate for secure sites.
  • We monitor the site, and prevent or correct any potential issues typically before
    they occur.

Web site backups are archived on optical media for lifetime retention.> Read more

Email Hosting

Your email is the direct connection from you to your customers and vendors. You need to ensure that it appears as professional as your business. Messages from just don't have that "professional" appearance. With Alternative Aspect Email Hosting, you don't just get an email service. We also provide a range of organizational and groupware tools that will help keep your business running smoothly and efficiently from any internet connection worldwide.> Read more

Online Backup

Protect your valuable assets. As more and more information is being stored electronically, the risk of disaster increases. You can avoid embarrassing and costly situations and rest assured that your data is protected with Online Backup.> Read more


Pricing should be open and fair to everyone, that's why we have set our prices as low as possible, and published them to the world. There are no back room deals, or contract based prices. Our edge on any perceived competition comes from our bundled features and professional setup and service.> Read more