Welcome to Alternative Aspect!

We are a technology company serving the Upstate New York area with Information Technology solutions. Alternative Aspect is the product of many years of thought and planning about how to best serve other businesses with technology related needs.

We are well versed in enterprise level technology, and have developed ways to bring the benefits of this technology to smaller businesses that typically could not justify the associated cost. We already have plenty of experience with small businesses, and understand the numerous hurdles that can be encountered. We will remove the IT hurdles so you can focus on what you do best. While we may not be able to balance your checkbook, we can provide you with a software solution to make it easier.

Technical Services


Online Services


Design Services


In addition to your internal IT, we can also provide solutions to interface your external customers. We will incorporate your needs from email and website, to your company business cards and letterhead, to make sure you are sending a clear and consistent message to your customers. We want your business to prosper and we can help to make that happen.

We are striving to be a complete solution provider offering you services that outperform any experiences that you may have had to date.